The God of Promise

In our first reading today, Genesis 28:10-22a, we read about one of Jacob’s dreams.  In it he finds the Lord standing beside him and saying, “I, the Lord, am the God of your forefather Abraham and the God of Isaac … Know that I am with you; I will protect you wherever you go … I will never leave you…. ”  What a great consolation!  A consistent theme of the Bible is that God is faithful – no matter what!  God is with us – always!  And the God who is with us is the God who loves us unconditionally, even when we do not love ourselves.

Each day God calls us to tap our potential and to become our best selves.  God gives us all of the grace that we need to resist sin and to grow in virtue.  God’s love is freely given, but we have to be receptive to God’s love.  We have a degree of free will and can make choices in life:  good choices; bad choices.  And we have to live with the consequences of our choices.  Having said that, God is always reaching out to us to embrace us in God’s love.  The promise given to Jacob and his descendants is our promise:  “I will never leave you!”

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One Response to The God of Promise

  1. Gail Baker says:

    BEAUTIFUL Message. Thank you!

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