to be alone with the Father

Jesus was a much sought after itinerant preacher and miracle worker.  From the Gospels, we know that He spent long hours teaching, preaching and healing.  We are reminded; however, that He also spent long hours in prayer alone with His Father.  We read at the beginning of today’s Gospel, Matthew 14:22-36, that after a long day with the crowds that followed Him, “…He dismissed the crowds.  After doing so, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.  When it was evening, He was there alone.”

Jesus relished His time alone with His Father.  From the hours of solitude and intimate conversation with His Father, He found refreshment, strength and the courage needed to continue His ministry.  All of us need to follow His example.  All of us need to take some time each day to put aside the many commitments that consume us and go to or create a quiet space where we can converse with the Father.  We, too, need to spiritually refresh ourselves in solitude with the Father.  We, too, need to find the courage and strength to live out our many commitments.

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