healing laughter

I perked up at a religious service this morning as I heard the preacher speak about the healing value of good laughter – not a put-on laughter but a genuine laughter rising up from deep inside a person. Genuine laughter is essential for one’s mental health; one’s physical health and one’s spiritual health.

Years ago, I added the following prayer to my favorites (don’t remember where I found it!):

How good it is to laugh and to share laughter with others.  We thank you, God, for the ability to laugh, for giving us a way to show our delight with life and with all the diverse expressions of life.  Sometimes laughter is a personal response to something we are  feeling or seeing.  At other times, laughter is a union of joy we share with others.  Amazingly, God,  we require no other reason for laughter than the pure joy of expressing gladness.  Thank you, God, for the gift of healing laughter.  Amen!

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