my cousin Raymond

  • I received his memorial card in the mail
  • a few days ago
  • and placed it prominently on the second shelf of my bookcase
  • so that I can easily look at it
  • and remember my cousin.
  • It is a good picture
  • revealing a man of years
  • faithful husband, loving father, grandfather
  • a man of faith and high moral principles.
  • His warm, inviting smile envelopes me
  • bringing back memories of another era
  • when my father would pack us into his old car
  • and we would commence on our annual visit to “la belle Province,”
  • and visit with our numerous Canadian cousins.
  • Raymond and I were a year apart.
  • We hit it off and enjoyed each other’s company.
  • I was the city cousin; he the farm cousin.
  • At the end of our teens, we each pursued our separate dreams.
  • Raymond built a new life for himself in Mattawa (Ontario);
  • I found my niche in a monastery.
  • We had occasional contact; I visited his home once.
  • I owed him an email when his sister informed me of his death.
  • He is with God; he has completed his earthly journey.
  • In the near future, I shall join him.
  • Regrets:  one – that I was not more proactive in building a relationship with him.
  • Raymond Lapierre (June 14, 1942 – August 31, 2019).
  • Remember me and pray for me as you dwell in the Presence of the Most High!
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1 Response to my cousin Raymond

  1. Mary Catherine Simoni says:

    My sympathy to you in the loss of your cousin Raymond. My sister went to be with God on January 31 this year and i miss her every day! My consolation is also that I will be with her soon (as well as with my brother and father named Raymind and my mother Olivia).

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